Military More Than Just Camo

When you start shopping around for military wedding invitations one of the things that you will certainly notice is the amount of invitations that try to pass themselves off as military invitations. But still they are some how lacking.

When you look at the assortment that are offered here you will see that they can in fact be very different. The amount of invitations that you will find here for each of the branches of the military go beyond the simple OD green or rustic camo themes that you will find elsewhere.

Each of the different branches has a selection of invitations selected that highlight the different characteristics that you would expect. Navy and Army don’t look the same, neither do the Air Force and the Army options. By having a distinct look you can find a fitting invitation for your wedding. It is clear that in most cases you are looking for a specific style of wedding invitation to go along with your future spouses branch of the Military. Still there are times when you are looking for options that might capture a broader characteristic that might be less specific but none the less conveys the same patriotic feeling.

In cases like those there are options that will give you the look you are interested in. You may choose from either the patriotic wedding invitations or a more fitting set of camouflage wedding invitations. Both choices are ones that will give you the military look without being forced to move the design in a specific direction.

New Wedding Invitations

New invitations have been added to the site. You can find them on the following pages:

The different wedding invitation options are sorted by popularity.

Would you like to see some of the most popular invites you will find on Military-Wedding-Invitations.Com?

Patriotic Wedding Invitations

Starting with one of the popular basic options we’ll look at the patriotic invitations. These templates are a little more general that the other offers you will find on the different pages. Still they have a lot of versatility to offer and they are ideal for weddings that do not want to focus on any one branch of the military primarily.

Each of the invitations that you see here offers all of the same features that you would come to expect from Military-Wedding-Invitations.Com.

Camo Wedding Invitations

Of course you can’t offer military wedding invitations without at least a little bit of camo. We offer a number of different camouflage wedding invitations that give you the real effect of military and rustic camo.

Each of the examples here was selected due to the qualities I’ve just listed but there are plenty of other reasons that you might want to choose a simple camo option. Take a look at these great options.

Air Force Wedding Invitations

As you know this site is dedicated to all branches of the military not just the Army. You also have access to a collection of some truly great Air Force options that will give you a chance to get married in true Air Force style. Take a look at the most popular options right here.

Navy Wedding Invitations

If you are going to marry somebody that is actively in the Navy or was once enlisted in the Navy you want to visit this page. When you browse the Navy collection of wedding invitations you will have plenty of great opportunities to find the fitting template.

Army Wedding Invitations

Of course any site that focuses on the military aspect cannot be complete without a great selection of Army wedding invitations.