The Difference Between Military And Rustic Wedding Invitations

Something has come to my attention lately. And that is the growing trend to sell rustic invitations as an option for your Military wedding. But is that really the right thing to pick when you will be marrying a service man or woman?

Country Weddings

First, I think that we need to look at the country wedding to understand what it embodies. For one thing it really isn’t the most ideal option for many couples who have one or both partners in the Military. The reason I mention this is because it anticipates that the couple is interested in, or comes from a more rustic background. As you know this is not always the case. Of course there are plenty of things that would compliment a couple if they did have say, a Mid-west background.

But for a Military wedding invitation to be considered mission successful it needs to offer something else as well. Something that doesn’t come from the rustic or country aspect alone.

You will of course find invitations on our site that place importance on this fact. The camo invitations offer you a military and rustic look at the same time without compromising the true nature or purpose of the invitation. Granted there are plenty of ways for you to style even the most basic invitation to make it work with your needs. This isn’t something unique to the designs that you will find on the site. Still it is worth noting that when you choose different rustic invitations for your wedding you will be placing the emphasis on that and moving away from the Military side of the affair.

Rustic Or Military

Alright, it is time to take a closer look at what might suite your wedding.

Many sites like this one give you a wide selection of rustic country wedding invitations. This site and many others will allow you to choose the various styles of invitations that you might want when you are celebrating a country wedding. But do all rustic invitations work for a military wedding? As you can imagine the answer is no. There are many different things that you can do for a military wedding, but if the Army/Navy/Air Force is going to be your primary focus you may want to avoid adding another facet to the celebration.

That is, unless the addition of the rustic aspect will fit.

If you are certain that a rustic theme would be just the thing to touch off the wedding you can easily pick an invitation to match. It could be a true rustic country invitation or it could use the different aspects of a nature theme to compliment the primary elements in invitation. In that case it would be directed toward something like this.

To give you a better idea of what the different styles have to offer let’s look at a couple of examples.

What you can see from the various Army themed invitations that you will find on the site is that they already have a distinctive style. One could almost say that they take on a country or rustic quality. Of course not all of the invitations you will find in that set offer what you may be looking for. I personally know how difficult it can be to make a decision without at least some different options to compare.

By having the chance to compare a couple of different styles against one another you can locate the look that you are interested in when you want to design your wedding around a certain theme.

Just because it is country doesn’t mean that it is Military.

But the same thing can and should be said about the various Army options that you will find on this site.

It can be hard at times to describe exactly what you want when you have an idea in mind. There are tiny nuances that appear in your mind that when it comes to converting them into the actual wedding invitation can prove difficult at best. This is why it is very tempting to choose the first “best” invite that you find. And while there is nothing wrong with doing this, the likelihood that you have found the right one is lower. It isn’t until you have give the style that you have in mind a little more thought that the process for identifying the features that you are looking for becomes a little easier.

The next set of Military wedding invitations combine some of the features that we have been discussing.

Putting It All Together

All of the things we’ve covered have given you a basis to decide if you want to take your wedding in a more traditional rustic nature with the invitations, or, and this is what most of the readers expect, a Military themed wedding that make sure of the rustic or country themes.

As we learned in the beginning, with the amount of designs that are out there for rustic country weddings it can sometimes feel like they are the right options. The designs and theme have become more and more popular in the recent years and it is also tempting to choose it because of this alone. But when you stop and compare the different styles you can easily begin to find options that offer you a measured Military look with some of the very features that give the country rustic its appeal.

When you combine all of these options together you can begin to identify the aspects that are important to you. You can learn how to highlight them and put the focus on your branch of Service while at the same time choosing the aspects that might be fitting for you personally.

A rustic wedding can embody anything you want. But if you are going to have to redesign your wedding for it to fit the different aspects that are important to you you may wish to keep looking.

Military Traditions

We have looked at a lot of different aspects that can cause problems for the bride and groom when they choose their invitations. As you are planning a Military wedding you will be met with a deluge of different styles, ideas and other things that pertain to a normal civilian wedding. Of course they are great for who the intended audience is, but there are a lot of traditions that go into a Military wedding.

You can learn about some of the traditions that will give your wedding the final touch.

Please be aware that the various branches of Service have their own special traditions.